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  • Brad Santoro @brad_santoro

    Damn #winterswearjar

  • Brad Santoro @brad_santoro

    I'm getting the hell out of here with the Winter Swear Jar. https://t.co/viSG9WkkpT

  • Erika Michelle @Erikamichelle31

    #WinterSwearJar I am sick of wearing boots!

  • Lynne Wiersema @Lynpinwin

    @hotelsdotcom #WinterSwearJar When will this %#!@ end!

  • KeithA @keither1948

    @hotelsdotcom Damn! My wife's cold AF feet on mine at night. Put some socks on! #WinterSwearJar

  • roxanne campagna @roxybonjovifan1

    It’s cold as eff. Get me out of here with the @Hotelsdotcom #WinterSwearJar. https://t.co/AXbZqytiw1

  • Teri Fitzpatrick @terif11

    So freaking tired of winter! #WinterSwearJar

  • Cruiser @redironpipe

    #WinterSwearJar Damn this cold-ass weather!!

  • Gabriel Smith @Gabe203

    I'm convinced that winter will never %@$&ing end. #WinterSwearJar

  • Happy Valentine's Day! @MomLuvsSPORTZ

    @hotelsdotcom It is cold AF. I dislike having freaking loads of winter clothes to wash! I want shorts and flip flop… https://t.co/tLEFjbL64H

  • Patricia A. Feeley @FeeleyTrisha

    It’s cold as eff. Get me out of here with the @Hotelsdotcom #WinterSwearJar. https://t.co/BCYg48penE

  • Susan Stickney @SusanStickney

    I slipped an fell on my %$*&!@# butt this morning on the ice! @hotelsdotcom #WinterSwearJar

  • Abe Liandro @clutchcity83

    MMMAAAAANNNNN F*CK this cold. Take me to somewhere tropical please @hotelsdotcom #WinterSwearJar

  • MADAME Kayte @MsEltonJohn

    @hotelsdotcom What's worse than the fucking cold? Fucking cold & fucking rain. #WinterSwearJar

  • JMA731 @731jma

    Dear Winter, F@CK OFF! #winterswearjar @hotelsdotcom

  • Shelley @YouIsSpecial30

    Fuck winter #WinterSwearJar

  • Michelle Randy @MichelleRandy13

    another storm... #WinterSwearJar

  • Kay Z @kzarr

    @hotelsdotcom One day it is $^%&* freezing and the next I need the ac! What the heck? #WinterSwearJar

  • Nicole @coles007

    @hotelsdotcom #winterswearjar nothing like falling in slush while walking the dogs! %÷&**! Winter

  • AJ James @happyday400

    #WinterSwearJar I hate Winter!

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